Registration ends 4th of August, 2019.

ASIA UNITED BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (AUBA) – The concept was brought to life in early 2019 and then formally incorporated as a not-for-profit entity, KSL Perth Inc. in April 2019. The founding committee had a shared vision of bringing together the best Asian ballers from WA with the opportunity to infuse under one roof, the spirit of Asian camaraderie, culture and competition through Asia United Basketball Association with a first class game experience not available in any other social domestic competition in WA.

This is the first formally organised all-Asian basketball league across WA that will cater for up to 32 teams and players of all diverse Asian nationalities and allowing teams the option for inclusion of up to two non – Asian player to welcome the sharing of culture and the unique game experience in alignment with one of our core value of ‘community’. In the inaugural year, there will be up to $5000 prize to the winners of the men’s open division as an added incentive.

The core values of this association are built on brotherhood, sportsmanship, camaraderie and community. KSL Perth Inc. that administers the association is backed by a strong and dedicated committee and an array of sponsors that have made this possible.