Registration ends 4th of August, 2019.

We will officially be accepting registrations of interests from 15th May 2019 for teams of all divisions.

AUBA reserves the right to not accept a nomination at its discretion.

‘Import Criteria’:

In the inaugural season, two ‘imports’ can be included in the roster.

Import positions cannot include a player of ‘restricted status’ in SBL WA or professionally paid players. Partial Asian nationalities e.g. mixed, are considered as non – imports/local.

Only players registered with the team are eligible to play.

‘The 6th Man’

Interested individuals who do not have a team but wish to participate on a ‘fill in basis’ with view to permanent may nominate on this basis and AUBA will administer a restricted pool of available players for the competition on behalf of teams that are short on a particular game day.

This will lead to an ability for such player to qualify for finals and be acquired by a team on a permanent basis once the individual has played sufficient games to qualify. The player may fill in during the regular season for multiple teams.

Should a player sufficient games across potentially multiple teams over a season to qualify for finals, the permanent allocation to a team become available will be based in order as follows:

  • Players first choice
  • If multiple teams wish to acquire the player (subject with no conflict with any other AUBA rules and guidelines), they may express this to the committee and the lower ranked team at the time of request will be granted first choice.

Individuals whom wish to nominate on this basis will be required to pay a small nomination fee.

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